Money skills made for kids

The UWish credit card and app transform money learning into an adventure, where kids become the heroes of their financial stories.

UWish partners with leading brands and institutions to help kids learn money skills

The UWish promise

Get early access

Learn through play

Interactive money games are designed for kids at ages 8 and up featuring our universe of UWish characters.

Earn Wi$hes together

Empower your kids with Wi$hes—the fun currency they earn through missions and grants from partners.

Rewards they’ll experience

The best rewards are experiences — UWish kids redeem Wi$hes for unforgettable meet-ups with their superheroes in addition to exclusive product offers, gift cards and more.

UWish frequently asked questions

Does the UWish card help kids build credit?

Although your child’s credit scoreis calculated the same as traditional credit scoring models, it isn’t tied to their actual credit score. The goal is for you both to experience how credit works in your everyday lives. Once you master it here, you’ll be ready to take on the real thing.

What are Wi$hes?

Wi$hes are what kids earn for building their money skills. We like to think of them as the currency of dreams, but you can think of it like a better form of points. Here's what you and your child should know:

  • Earn wi$hes by completing missions or attending UWish events and participating in the Academy
  • You as the parent or guardian can purchase wi$hes for your child
  • Our special partners grant wi$hes to kids, giving them more chances to earn
  • Wi$hes are redeemable for tickets to life-changing experiences as well as exclusive offers like gift cards, merchandise and more

Do UWish money lessons change by age?

We know your child's relationship with money is always evolving. With UWish, children learn to earn, save, build credit and spend in ways that align with them. The app, combined with the UWish Card, supports kids from ages 6-18 master money skills one step at a time and earn their financial freedom through hands-on experience. Financial literacy is a team sport, so we're building tools for you as a parent to get involved as well.

When will the UWish app be available?

We're hard at work to bring financial freedom to your home soon - sign up to be one of the first families to experience it! We're on track to invite our first members to join this winter 2024.

How much is a UWish card?

Our debit card is designed specifically for kids and teens with all the parental controls you need to help them thrive. The UWish card works directly with our in-app financial games and will be available for a small monthly fee per child. We will update with pricing when available.

How old do you have to be to use the UWish app?

Let's start by saying UWish is here for every kid. UWish makes managing money fun for kids 6-18, letting you earn allowance, save, donate, and spend wisely, all with your very own debit card! It's never too early to get started, so kids under 6 can still enjoy our financial learning games so they're ready to get a card when it's time.

What is UWish?

UWish is the most fun way to teach kids and teens about money. It's a rewards platform dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment that empowers every child in their financial future. With the app and debit card, kids learn through play — all while earning wi$hes that they can redeem to meet their superheroes, tickets to Disneyland, gift cards to their favorite stores and so much more.

Let’s make financial education

With our partners, we transform learning into an adventure, where kids become the heroes of their financial stories.